Smart Module
Smart Module
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Smart Module

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With the Fibaro Smart Module, you can integrate existing electrical installations (e.g. lighting, airing systems) into a Z-Wave network. Thus, the connected devices can still be controlled with the existing wall switch, but – thanks to Z-Wave – also via remote control, smartphone, or sensor-controlled automation.

The compact radio module is placed in a wall box right behind the normal switch. The switch is no longer directly connected to the load but acts as an input device for the FIBARO insert that is controlling the load.

The switch only sends a control signal to the insert which controls the load then again. The solution works with all switch design.

Smart modules are key elements for managing your home. They will prove useful in different places and serve a variety of functions. Smart switch will let you turn on/off the lights, electrical appliances or cut off power from the sockets. Thanks to the power metering feature, it will provide precise information about electric energy consumption.

  • Works with various types of switches and buttons.
  • Supports Z-Wave network Security Modes: S0 with AES-128 en- cryption and S2 Authenticated with PRNG-based encryption.
  • Works as a Z-Wave signal repeater (all non-battery operated de- vices within the network will act as repeaters to increase reliabili- ty of the network).
  • May be used with all devices certified with the Z-Wave PlusTM cer- tificate and should be compatible with such devices produced by other manufacturers.

SmartStart enabled products can be added into a Z-Wave network by scanning the Z-Wave QR Code present on the product with a controller providing SmartStart inclusion. SmartStart product will be added automatically within 10 minutes of being switched on in the network range.


  • Turning devices on/off
  • Power metering
  • Cooperation with different types of wall switches
  • Managing the sockets
  • It fits anywhere you want it to